Bio – Background

Bio – Background


Surikate is an alternative rock band based in Italy. Band members are native to the mainland of the Metropolitan City of Venice.

Earliest music collaborations beetwen Moreno (voice/guitar) and Giacomo (drums) go far back in 2003 when they were both teenagers and began to take part together to several music rehearsals. In 2014 Andrea (bass) joined regularly to the band and the project took name Surikate.

Suricate (suricate in english and french, surikate in german, suricato in italian) is a popular term that means meerkat (suricata suricatta). The use of the letter k rather than the c in the word Surikate should be intended as a desired distorsion of the transcription, in the same way as the name of The Beatles derives from the word beetles.

The choise to explicitly quote such an exotic animal – which doesn’t naturally live in Europe and which can be found only in few restricted areas of Southern Africa – is due to two main reasons:

  • meerkats immediately evocate the desert, their own natural habitat, which is a biome full of meaning and symbolism for rock culture. Desert setting is indeed the landscape that made as background for the birth of the stoner rock movement, which took shape in California during the 90s. That music genre is ancestrally rooted in the legendary generator parties, which were organized in the desertic areas of Coachella Valley, so that stoner music is often referred as desert-rock. Surikate is African but it looks at America as well as at the rest of the world.

  • meerkats shelter in underground dens to survive desert temperatures and predators. They dig burrows, which consist of articulated networks of tunnels. Their underground living is the metaphore of those underground artists that constitute that substrate of music culture constantly tries to emerge from the bottom up – until above the surface – but opposing to the mainstream predator.

In those sense the meerkat could be interpreted as a symbolic reference.

Putting the exegesis of the band name – as well as any other stylistic reference – aside, Surikate is now out with its own songs and this first chapter of music production resulted in a miscellaneous of grunge/sludge metal/alternative rock.


In August 2018 they released its own first single Clean & Overdrive, anticipation of the upcoming album Don’t Listen and Drive.